INSPIRIT Ltd is the first Bulgarian company focused entirely on Microsoft® SQL Server platform
We consult, we train, we support and much more!

Our Mission

To make your systems working best

To keep your databases healthy

To teach you how to keep on by yourself

Our Motto

Be the change you wish to see in the world


Our Passion

  • To be the best in our area
  • To help YOU to be the best
  • To enjoy the journey of perfection

SQL Server Consulting services

SQL Server Engineering solution

  • Performance review and optimization of the data access layer
  • SQL Server Data Migration and data merge
  • Database Schema Design and code reviews
  • Data Access layer development
  • Optimization of DB Design for reporting and transactional environments

SQL Server Infrastructure

  • SQL Server upgrades
  • SQL Server Instance and DB level Consolidation
  • SQL Server Virtualization
  • SQL Server HA and DR solution design and architectural review
  • SQL Server Health check

SQL Server BI Solutions

  • BI Corporate Strategy Assessment and Roadmap
  • Data warehouse Design
  • ETL Process Design and Implementation
  • OLAP Cubes Design and implementations
  • Design of Data Quality solutions
  • etc.

Some statistics

For me, personally, Academy’s courses were very useful. In 5 days, beside systematized knowledge, i got answers to almost all of the questions I had from different practice scenarios I was dealing with. I should mention, that definitely, after our training in my direction there were a lot of discussions provoked by the new knowledge on the subject how we create our queries, and let me say – I was not the initiator of these debates, but my team itself. I recommend without any doubts the Academy’s trainings. I consider them very well shaped with a proper amount of knowledge transfer and sharp orientation toward the real needs of the customers.

Ivan Velkov - Deputy Head of Directorate IT and Operations Division Development and Implementation of IT Systems


Magi is one of the best technical experts in Bulgaria and I believe that’s undisputable. However what differentiates her from the others is the ability to teach on very high level and share her huge experience. When I am looking for trainings for my team I am always concerned for the quality of the training and the trainer skills and that is why I am working with her. Recently I have provoked her to do a very complex training called “SQL internals and Tuning” and it was great. I was feeling like I was on one of the MCM classes in Redmond 🙂

Nikolay Chorbanov - Database Technology Lead HP Enterprise Services


SQL Server Remote Services

SQL Server Event Management

SQL Server Event Management is a service for remote monitoring. All significant events are properly analyzed and interpreted in order to be processed in the best possible way

SQL Server Remote Administration

SQL Server Remote Administration is a rich service for remote administration of customer SQL Server Instances. It can benefit organizations with limited IT staff and resources.

SQL Server Remote Support

SQL Server Remote Support is a service that can benefit its customer with a full menu of SQL Server related support activities. The support quality is guaranteed with Service Level Agreements

SQL Server Call for urgent HELP

SQL Server CALL for urgent HELP is an unique service, offered for customers who need an access to a very high level of competency to handle urgent critical issues with SQL Server based systems

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